100 Affordable Self-Care Activities To Try On Valentine’s Day (2021)

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, with Christmas coming out on top.

People spend a lot of money at retail stores each year. Most of the spending goes to buying jewelry, flowers, candies, greeting cards, marriage proposals, and more.

In fact, Statisticians from the National Retail Federation have predicted the consumer spending for Valentine’s Day this year could reach approximately 21.8 billion. They even broke down these numbers for you in this infographic.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, thoughts naturally begin to turn to love, at least for some people. We find ourselves hoping for special treatment or feeling pressure to Inuit our partner’s wishes. 

Even if cupid hasn’t graced you with one of his arrows, the holiday may leave you feeling depressed while it may seem like everyone is in a relationship and happy. 

Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is coming. Suppose you’re one who likes to pay a little extra to make your loved one happy. Go ahead. No one’s stopping you.

But if you’re on a budget and don’t have the extra dollar to spend, maybe because you’re saving up for your dream house or any other reason. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make your partner feel special.  

You can still get the most out of this hallmark holiday by spending less. Above all, less is more.  It’s the thought that actually counts. 

While that’s important, the holiday is also the perfect excuse to treat ourselves to some love and self-care.

For you to do that, I’ve made a list of 100 self-care activities you can do on a budget and still show you and your loved ones you care. 

Self-Care Activities for Couples

affordable self care activities for couples

Try these self-care activities with your partner. 

1. Write a meaningful letter to your loved one

2. Go swimming together

3. Have a cuddle

4. Watch your favorite romantic movie

5. Go stargazing

6. Visit the beach

7. Make breakfast in bed

8. Play charades

9. Create a bucket list

10. Go for a couple’s massage

11. Recreate your first date

12. Make a relationship scrapbook of your memories together

13. Learn about different love customs in other cultures

14. Go on a double date

15. Eat at a new restaurant

16. Exchange gifts

17. Read poetry

18. Fill the room with balloons

19. Go to a gig

20. Get up early and watch the sunrise

21. Go to a gaming arcade

22. Drive a round the city listening to your favorite song

23. Compliment your partner

24. Host a picnic with family and friends

25. Send a surprise care package

26. Have a genuine conversation

27. Walk your dog

28. Watch funny YouTube videos

29. Listen to songs that remind you of happier times

30. Light a candle in a dark room and sit in silence

31. Visit a hot spring

32. Enjoy a home spa

33. Try karaoke

34. Revisit books from childhood

35. Order in dinner

36. Go to the farmer’s market

37. Visit an antique shop

38. Go to a comedy club

39. Plan a surprise outing

40. Do chores he or she hates the most

41. Offer a foot rub

42. Take a late night around the neighborhood

43. Plan a romantic getaway

44. Have a talk about the future

45. Go on a picnic

46. Volunteer together

47. Go out on a sporting event

48. Go on a bike ride

49. Go to the park together

50. Go hiking together

Be Your Own Valentine – Activities for Singles

self care activities for singles on valentines day
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These are some self-care activities to show yourself some major loving.

51. Write 10 things you’re grateful for this year

52. Write 10 things you love about yourself

53. Write 10 things you love

54. Take yourself out on a date

55. Listen to your favorite playlist

56. Try out a new, healthy recipe

57. Write a love note to yourself

58. Buy yourself chocolate and some flowers

59. Have a game night with friends

60. Take a long, warm bath

61. Light your favorite candle

62. Declutter your phone

63. Journal to release your thoughts

64. Call someone you love

65. Watch your favorite movie or series

66. Give yourself a manicure

67. Throw yourself a little party

68. Get a massage

69. Meditate in a quiet place

70. Drink herbal tea

71. Try a face mask

72. Go for a walk in nature

73. Diffuse essential oils

74. Try a DIY project

75. Redecorate your room

76. Go window shopping

77. Take a break from social media

78. Listen to your favorite audiobook

79. Listen to a podcast

80. Make your own body scrub

81. Hangout with your friends

82. Treat yourself to a gift

83. Wear something that makes you feel good

84. Visit your favorite spot in the city

85. Take a stroll in the park

86. Get a blow out at a local salon

87. Bake something

88. Try to curve fruits

89. Play Pictionary

90. Plant some flowers

91. Schedule a spa appointment

92. Look through old photographs and memorabilia

93. Create a scrapbook

94. Give yourself a new haircut

95. Visit loved ones

96. Do some coloring, painting, drawing

97. Create a vision board for the future

98. Help someone in need

99. Take photographs of small moments

100. Repeat positive affirmations

What’s your favorite self-care activity to do on Valentine’s? Leave a comment to let me know.

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