Lessons I’ve Learned from the 7-Day Blogging Challenge

Today marks the end of my 7-day blogging challenge. Time has gone by really fast that I hardly believe this is my last post in this challenge. All I can say is cheers to goals.

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This blogging challenge has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride for me. You can read about my reflection in this blog. I was just in the midst of this challenge when I decided to write about how I felt about this whole thing. You can find out more from there.

One thing for sure – I’ve never done a blogging challenge before but I’ve always thought about doing one. I just didn’t know how to start or what to do then. So what I did was research some of the blogging challenges online and I discovered there were a lot of them. So most of the mechanics behind these challenges was to write a certain number of words and publish them that day. The days could range from 3-365 days depending on the blogger and the words were around 750 – 1000 or even more. If you want to up your writing game or work on consistency, this is something I would recommend you do.

What I did for this challenge

In my case, I decided to do 7 days because I thought it was practical for my situation and I felt like I could manage this. I gave myself a condition that if I made it through the 7-days then I could do more days. But I wanted to try the 7 days first and see how that will work for me.

For the number of words, I just decided to write between 500 – 1000 words. If you see some of my posts, I think the least number of words is around 500 and the most words is 1000 plus. I think that’s a good start. I know of some who dedicate to writing 1000 words each day and I think that’s wonderful.

Now that I’ve completed this challenge, It was easier than I thought it would be. For most of my posts, I would write them under an hour or two, whereby I did freewriting for 25 minutes and then edited for about 30 minutes or more. So far, everything was good.

Lessons from the 7-Day Blogging Challenge

So, these were some of the lessons I learned while doing this challenge.

1. Blogging gets easier when you put yourself in that headspace

One of the things you’ll face as a blogger is you won’t always be in the mood to write. Some of the days, you’ll feel so inspired that you want to write your heart out. This is the time when blogging is easier for you. However, most times you’d be busy with work and other obligations that you won’t feel like blogging. This is normal. But it’s the part where blogging gets difficult. However, by setting a goal of writing and publishing a day, you bring yourself into that headspace even when you don’t feel like writing.

2. You can always make time for writing even during your busiest days

When you’ve set a goal to write a blog post a day, you’ll find that you’ll begin to make time for writing even when you’re so busy. This happened to me on numerous occasions. I knew I was busy the entire day, but I made evenings a time for writing.

If time is really not on your side, you can start with a simple blog post that you can finish in half an hour or less. You can do the ones that require a lot of time writing and researching for when you’re free.

3. Couldn’t emphasize more on planning

One thing I realized is planning is really essential to blogging especially if you’re planning to blog consecutively. You need to know what topics you will write about and how much it will take for you to write them. In my case, I began without a plan.

During that time, I wasted most of my time brainstorming the topics I wanted to write about. Some of these topics were difficult to write because they needed a lot of research and other topics I felt were not really good. So, it was an internal struggle for hours. I realized that soon and decided to plan ahead. And this has really worked for me. On busy days, I select a topic that is easy to write and on free days, I would pick those that required a lot of thinking and researching.

4. You can know what articles are easier to write

Yes, this is true. From this challenge, I learnt that there were some topics I have found easier to write than others. This has made me question why. I think it was a wonderful experience. It has made me learn a lot about my writing style and my writing limitations that I can improve upon.

5. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be done

One of the challenges I face with writing is perfectionism. I tend to write my first draft perfectly. This means a lot of time spent editing while writing. This writing process has been kind of stressful to me and it has made me dread blogging, although it is something that I like to do. I hate the idea that my thoughts are not expressed perfectly and so I edit and edit and edit until my brain goes crazy.

Well, I dealt with this by giving myself a time limit of 25 minutes to write down all my thoughts without ever looking back to edit. Believe me, it was hard to do this but I ended up loving the process. For the bloggers dealing with perfectionism, freewriting is the way to go.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the lessons I got from the blogging challenge. I believe everyone has their own experience when it comes to these kinds of challenges and I think they’re all valid. For me, I have my own struggles in writing that I’m currently dealing with and so far this challenge has helped me in some way to see them and work on them.

Have you ever done a blogging challenge before? What did you learn from it? I’m looking forward to reading your responses in the comment section down below.

8 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned from the 7-Day Blogging Challenge”

  1. It doesn’t have to be perfect but done

    1. Yuri says:

      Well said. Thank you for reading.

  2. Polly says:

    I agree with all these especially number 5. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be done. I used to be obsessed with not repeating words and using “big” words back in my 2015 blogs but I realized it’s easier to get my message across when we use simple and relatable terms. Now, there are times when I don’t spell/grammar check (mainly because I’m lazy) and I don’t want to drive myself nuts. Great insights here, Yuri!

    1. Yuri says:

      Haha thanks Polly. That was interesting to hear. 😄

  3. Tikia says:

    Not done a challenge yet, am hoping to jump onto this years AB winter challenge. But since I started blogging that’s in March this year I made it a goal to post every Friday and recently Mondays as well. My trick is as am concluding I leave a promise for the next topic and that makes me put in the work, because am result oriented. Once I promise I make sure I deliver.

    1. Yuri says:

      Wow that’s great advice, Tikia… Planning has not been my best suit but this kind of helps.

  4. This was an interesting journey.
    Well done Yuri

    1. Yuri says:

      Thank you, Rachel 😊

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