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A Note to My Readers

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Greetings to everyone,

How’re you doing? I hope you are all well. I wish you happiness, health, and love. I have really missed writing and posting content for you and having you here on this blog. First of all, I’d like to thank all of those who have taken the time to read the posts from this blog in the past few months. You’ve really inspired and given me the courage to blog very often which I’d never thought I was capable to do.

I have been reading through some of your blogs (for those who I follow on WordPress) and it hit me how much time has passed since I last posted on this blog. It’s been almost three months. This realization made me feel guilty for going MIA and keeping this blog dormant for some time.

I’m really grateful to the bloggers who especially reached out to me and asked about my well-being and those who reminded me of how long it’s been since I said anything on this blog. Again, I’m so grateful for your kind words. Blogging can sometimes feel detached, which can make you think that when you disappeared, no one would notice you were even gone. In fact, I just realized it was the opposite. The blogging community is just like a jigsaw puzzle, in that, when one piece is missing, the others will try to find where the other piece has gone.

The reason I have been away for some time was that I needed to take a break. A pause from everything that’s called life. I took this moment to reflect on what I want to do in life, my career, and the direction I want this blog to go.

Now about this blog, I realized there are some changes I needed to make. Changes that might define what this blog would be for me and for my readers in the years to come. When I first started out blogging, I thought that niching down would be a very wise decision and I was so lucky to have found a niche that I was already interested in and invested in. But with time, I started to feel very limited to my niche. Although I really loved talking about self-care, there were other ideas that I wanted to explore that did not involve self-care or frugality. I feel like sticking to a niche would not allow me to see how far I can go blogging for other niches. It also wouldn’t allow me to expand my knowledge in other areas and grow as a blogger.  Rest assured that I will continue to post about self-care although this may no longer be the niche.  I apologize for the inconvenience. I know this is how some readers found me.

I just wanted to inform you ahead of time, that anytime soon my domain and blog will no longer go by the name frugal self-care. Don’t be surprised when you discover these changes. I will maintain my byline or what you call authorship of this blog so you won’t get confused. It will continue to go by Yuri unless I decide to change it. If I make that decision, I will let you know ahead of time. These changes will be in effect in the days or months to come.

I hope I’ve made things clear for you. That is all for now. I’ll then see you in my next post. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh girl, we are ready to sip on any drink that you will serve us.
    Great day too…

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